Fat Cow Farm Store Current Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:00-6:00pm

About Fat Cow Farm Store

The products of our commitment to the highest quality of beef, pork and poultry at prices our friends and neighbors can afford can be purchased at Fat Cow Farm store which is located on our farm.   Any cuts of meat found at butcher shops are available at our store as well as whole chickens and turkeys.  Our animals are processed locally, our beef in Milton and our pork in Benson.   The cuts of meat are immediately flash frozen and sealed in airtight packaging.  Whole and half cows, pigs and lambs can also be ordered at our farm to be humanely slaughtered and cut and wrapped to your preferences.   We encourage you to visit the farm, take a look around and stop by the store.  We are directly across the road from Adam's Berry Farm.  Pick some berries, buy some meat and enjoy what Charlotte farms have to offer!

Our store hours change seasonally and will be updated at the top of this page.  Currently we are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm. For questions or comments please call Peter Trono at 802-343-3254 or email fatcowfarmstore@gmail.com  

A smaller selection of our meats can also been found at the Spear's Store in Charlotte.